Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

GateHub warned its user today from malicious emails and fake wallet:

Our users are being targeted with phishing emails from addresses registered, or similar.

Phishing emails look like they have been sent by GateHub, however, they were in fact sent by the attacker. The emails are malicious and did not come from GateHub.

GateHub will never send sensitive information such as ripple secret keys over email. If you cannot verify the origin of the received email, please refer to the customer correspondence timeline posted on our support page.

The subject line of phishing emails might be similar to the subject line below:
Critical Security Warning / Action Required – New Secured Wallets

Emails instruct users to move their funds to a new hosted wallet created by GateHub. This is, in fact, a ripple wallet created by the attacker and IT IS NOT SAFE!

Do not transfer any funds to the address provided in this email or other similar emails.


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