Fri. May 24th, 2024

The digital asset exchange Bgogo and the “public-chain” Ultrain have announced they are to form a strategic partnership on technology, community, and ecosystem developments. The two parties will also invest in one another to ensure a successful endeavor.

Founded in 2017, Ultrain is a next generation public chain infrastructure focused on constructing a truly decentralized ecosystem facilitating the future business scenarios. Ultrain was co-founded by Ray Guo, former Security Group Technology Director of Alibaba; Emma Liao, former Managing Director of Golden Brick Capital, head of IOT of QIHU 360 investment and head of China for several leading global investment banks; and William Li, former head of technology and chief architect of Ant Financial Blockchain team who has 15 years experience in operating system at Alibaba and Motorola.

As a public chain project draws worldwide attention, Ultrain has raised funding from top global investors including Morningside, Aplus, Draper Dragon, BlueRun, DHVC, Sky9 Capital, FBG Capital, Ceyuan Ventures, et al.

Bgogo is an emerging digital asset exchange featuring community governance, designed to list the most high-quality and promising digital assets. Bgogo founders include members from leading Internet companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and IBM. The core engineering team consists of several world champions of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Bgogo officially listed BGG/ETH, BGG/BTC trading pairs on September 16th, 2018. Bgogo achieved over $200 million trading volume in the first 24 hours and more than 5,000 users trading simultaneously. Bgogo’s high trading liquidity made a miracle in today’s market.

Emma Liao, co-founder of Ultrain, expressed, “We have been looking for an exchange partner having top capabilities, yet we can trust and grow together. Ultrain and Bgogo shares similar value both coming from successful TMT and investment experiences, we care about sustainable and healthy growth and true community building. We share a grand vision, strong resources/capabilities, and execution excellency. We believe we’ll make the best partners.”

Maximilian Wang, CEO of Bgogo commented, “it’s an exciting opportunity for Bgogo to work with Ultrain. Ultrain’s team own solid innovation and engineering capabilities solving the efficiency and effective problems as public infrastructure. Ultrain has also made breakthrough in cryptography, smart contract, developer framework and middle layers such us zkp and AI inference to be the one-stop Engine for Dapp developers. On top of that, ULTRAIN has top global business resources and understanding to construct its true global ecosystem and user base. Such a combination will potentially be a game changer for this industry. ”

As the investor of both parties and the managing director of DHVC, Kevin Ding commented, “Ultrain and Bgogo carries top value and strength, we believe both teams are capable of changing the future of blockchain landscape. Ultrain’s theory innovations deeply impressed us given our high standards looking into principles, and their global business capabilities are incomparable. We also consider highly of Bgogo and believe it will go big. Both parties can help each other in many ways. I look forward to their cooperation and wish this forthcoming partnership a great success.”


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