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According to Deloitte, the healthcare industry is planning the most aggressive deployments of blockchain, with 35 percent of health and life sciences planning to deploy by 2018. Deloitte found that 28 percent of respondents across all industries said they’d already invested $5 million or more, while 10 percent have invested $10 million or more in blockchain.

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The Blockchain in Healthcare conference will enable healthcare professionals to understand how blockchain technology such as cryptocurrency, smart contracts, distributed databases, and public ledgers are, and will continue to transform their sector.

We are not seeing start-ups focusing on blockchain – whilst existing technology businesses are integrating blockchain technology into their overall offerings – building pilots and working with customers to develop roadmaps forward.

The first blockchain was theorized by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and applied the following year as a key component of the digital currency bitcoin, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. A secure public ledger concept can be applied to almost all aspects of doing business whilst removing slow and outdated workflows.

Using a peer-to-peer network and a distributed timestamping server, a blockchain database can be managed autonomously. Blockchain is the future business model of supply chain and can be applied to the entire healthcare value chain.

Are you ready to harness the capabilities of blockchain technology in healthcare?

Join the one-day event to:

-Understand how to develop blockchain scalable solutions for your company

-Learn how blockchain can solve the HIPAA privacy and security issues

-Examine open source blockchain development

-See how blockchain is part of the overall cybersecurity solution

-Discover why early adoption will save time and money in the future

-Learn about transparency, security and convenience all in one place

-Cut through the hype. Hear first-hand how blockchain can be a game changer.

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