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Blockchain Autumn School 2017

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Blockchain Autumn School

Event Details

From September 18th till September 22nd, 2017 the BCCM organizes the Blockchain Autumn School 2017. This event aims to impart knowledge and skills in the field of Blockchain. We offer both lectures and practical courses (hands on) on computers.

Target group: Representatives of Consulting companies, corporate users, and students – from all over the world.

Prerequisites:No special Blockchain knowledge or skills necessary

Type: Lectures and practical courses on the computer (in German Language)

Location: University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Saxony, Germany

Date: September 18th, 2017 – September 22nd, 2017

Degree: Certificate of participation issued by the BCCM of the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida

Content of teaching:

  • Basics Cryptography: hash functions, hash pointer, data structures, digital signatures, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), public keys as identity, Merkle-trees,…
  • Basics Bitcoin: Addresses, Storage (hot & cold), Splitting of keys, Usage, (online-) wallets, transactions, scripts, blocks, nodes, exchanges, payment services, exchange markets,…
  • Basics Blockchain: centralization vs. decentralization, distributed consensus, consensus without identity, proof-of-work, mining, decentral consensus finding, Bloom filter, hard & soft forks,…
  • Basics Ethereum: state, accounts, history, messages, transactions, GAS and anti-denial-of-service-model, smart contracts, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), mining (proof of work, proof of stake), Blockchain, Merkle-Patricia trees, GHOST protocol,…
  • Hands on Cryptography: Merkle-Trees, signatures, hash functions, pki,…
  • Hands on Ethereum: Usage of Ethereum clients (geth or parity)
  • Hands on Solidity: Creation of smart contracts in the programming language Solidity, mapping, sending/ receiving of Ether, …
  • Hands on Dapps: Application of smart contracts, Mist browser, creation of your own Dapp.
 >> Wabsite http://blockchain.hs-mittweida.de



september 18 (Monday) - 22 (Friday)


Mittweida, Saxony, Germany

Certificate of participation issued by the BCCM of the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida