Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Singapore, Bitquence has released multiple demos showcasing a user experience walkthrough of multiple new token features. The Bitquence token “BQX” is designed to be a mobile, on-the-go liquid token inspired by companies like Ripple and Paypal.

The demonstrations highlight:

  • 1-Click AltFolio Purchases: BQX enables users to choose “baskets” of coins with a single click, such as big cap coins, privacy coins or ICO coins.
  • Instant Value Transfer: BQX is a mobile liquid token, designed to be easily sent via text message or email.
  • Proof of Stake Community Consensus: BQX can be used to stake predictions on whether to buy, hold or sell any coin or digital asset, providing unique community-powered insights.
  • Mobile BQX Wallet: Bitquence is built from the ground-up to be mobile first and friendly.

At the moment cryptocurrency collectors have to transfer funds in and out of multiple wallets using multiple keys to manage their holdings, making the process time consuming and cumbersome. In a volatile marketplace where speed is of the essence, Bitquence is building much needed tools to give investors full control over their funds. The platform has now unveiled it’s next-generation cryptocurrency wallet through a series of videos that showcase the UX and key features on both desktop and mobile.

One-click cryptocurrency purchases

The Collections tab enables pre-curated baskets of tokens designed to help investors quickly diversify their holdings by purchasing groups of coins such as platform or privacy tokens. Quick reference graphs show the historical performance of tokens or different combinations of tokens over time, and the user can see the community consensus of future performance of their unique basket via the proof of stake feature.

Proof of Stake Community Consensus

A Ratings tab enables you to ‘tap into the wisdom of the crowds’ through proof of stake community consensus that predicts any digital asset’s future value. Holders of the Bitquence platform token can vote on a range of features including how well a coin is governed or its technical fundamentals to derive overall quality and performance prediction scores.

Send Value Via Text Message

The videos demonstrate how Bitquence users will be able to text value via the liquid BQX token, and how the BQX token is designed to be a mobile, on-the-go token.

Buequence Video: A general wakthrough the platform

Next up is the Bitquence Mobile Experience walkthrough, demonstrating how Bitquence has been built ground-up to run on any responsive modern device.

This is where stuff starts to get cool. One of the benefits of the Bitquence token is its capacity to be liquid and enable instant transfer of value worldwide Here’s a demo of how sending Bitquence via text message will work:

Last but certainly not least, check out this really cool demo of how Bitquence will use proof of stake to enable the community to rate and predict performance of any block-chain based digital asset:


>> Demo Videos


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