Fri. May 24th, 2024

Earth 2 are thrilled to unveil their brand new trailer, offering an exclusive glimpse of players taking their first steps into the 3D realization of Earth 2 Version 1 (E2V1). Finally, players can visualise the community’s massive Mega cities, environments and their owned property, weaving together both the web client and the game world for the very first time. The alpha launch of the E2V1 metaverse will be coming in 2023!

If you can’t wait until launch, you can reply to this email to receive an NDA and watch the trailer early.


E2V1 is technology that many critics claimed was not possible from such a small team, in such a short amount of time – but this footage proves them wrong.

The biggest unique selling point of E2V1 is that it renders the entire planet Earth in digital format, performantly with nice graphics. You can zoom from New York to London in the blink of an eye and E2V1 will stream it for you almost instantly.

The closest similar product in terms of actual world scale that is currently released is none other than the mammoth game title Microsoft Simulator 2020. MSFS2020 is a game that was developed with hundreds of developers over 40 years by one of the biggest companies in the world.

The difference with Earth 2 Version One is that it not only functions loading the distant terrain view, but also loads the up-close terrain view covering every square inch of the planet, down to pebbles and blades of grass, with centimeter-accurate terrain collisions spanning the entire Earth’s surface.

Granted that MSFS2020 and E2V1 have different objectives, however, the fact that such a small team has pulled off the progress that will be displayed during the footage is no small feat. Not only is all of the above true about E2V1, but Players will also be able to build cities, explore, interact and more.

As the name suggests, E2V1 is only the very first 3D version of Earth 2 and we plan to refine and improve our flagship product over time with further releases such as E2V2 and E2V3.


Claim. Build. Create. Discover. Trade. Become a pioneer and claim land tiles on the digital frontier of Earth 2; the first fully interactable 1:1 economic-simulation of the planet earth. Start from scratch in a pristine new world, untouched by human kind where you can choose how you earn, build, and trade with anyone for virtual currency that you can actually withdraw into USD. Players have already traded millions of dollars on our platform and our team has processed over $19 million USD in withdrawals.

The best part? This is only the beginning!

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