Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Switch4Good, a nonprofit disrupting the disinformation Big Dairy feeds the public, today launched an NFT store featuring more than 50 pieces of original art, with all proceeds going to nonprofits working for animals, human health, food justice, and the planet.

Artists Danny Roberts, Johnny Braz, and the duo of Stephanie Dillon and Linnea Maas are contributing their talents, and their commissions, to Switch4Good and Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, a Dalton, PA-based haven for abused and neglected farmed animals.

The digital art created exclusively for Switch4Good explores themes like the human-animal bond, injustices in the modern food system, and the health impact of meat and dairy. While some pieces expose the violent side of animal farming and slaughter, others invite the viewer to consider the beauty and individuality of farmed animals, once considered food, who now have a permanent home at Indraloka.

“NFTs are a creative and groundbreaking way for nonprofits like ours to create mission-sustaining revenue, deliver our message to new communities online, and provide donors with long-term value,” said Switch4Good executive director Dotsie Bausch, whose interest in NFTs and other cryptocurrency trends like Cardano (ADA) began when she recognized their potential to solve problems in economically insecure nations. “Other organizations and creators have experimented with NFTs for fundraising, but we aren’t aware of anyone else donating 100 percent of profits to charity.”

As Switch4Good builds its knowledge, capacity, and network of artists, it expects future collections of NFTs to be a source of support for other organizations working to end the suffering of humans, animals, and the Earth.

NFTs for charity: artists give 100% of proceeds to animal/vegan nonprofits
NFTs for charity: artists give 100% of proceeds to animal/vegan nonprofits

Danny Roberts: Danny often paints harsh themes and villains in his gallery work; social statements that utilize powerful symbols such as guns, flags, religious icons, and apocalyptical decay. But now, incorporating animals and nature into his artwork is a beautiful and innocent counterbalance that brings a meaningful juxtaposition to the ugly guilt of human industry. Danny was already vegan for years thanks to his wife, and already opposed to the dairy industry, before becoming aligned with Switch4Good and its cause.

“I love having this opportunity to bring something new, emotional, and worthwhile to my art – and hopefully, great art is always going to be on the side of the little guy.”

Johnny Braz: Living with the animals at Indraloka, caring for them day in and day out, he became part of their herd. The art was a beautiful accident that occurred because of their relationship.

“We were so close and connected, and they knew me so well, I found them opening up to the camera: beautifully, generously, baring their souls so that everyone can learn what I learned. They are the same as us. Only maybe slightly better.”

Stephanie Dillon and Linnea Maas: Stephanie and Linnea have partnered artistically since Stephanie’s diagnosis with breast cancer. As artists they are committed to creating beautiful, relevant, and at times “politically incorrect” art as a means to change the current narrative, to interrupt ignorance, and help people to stop and think critically about the impact of their choices on other living things. While navigating an anaphylactic food allergy to corn, Linnea learned the appalling details of the food industry and its treatment of animals. She was shocked that the terrible practices of the food industry are hidden from consumers, and wants people to look harder at what’s happening behind the scenes. Stephanie said,

“Five years ago when I started my cancer journey, information on the effects of dairy and meat were more difficult to come by. Today through the amazing efforts of organizations like Switch4Good, it’s impossible not to come in contact with, and connect with, the true science around how dairy and meat affect our bodies, our health and the planet.”

NFTs are often criticized due to the use of electricity to “mine” cryptocurrency used to purchase them. While a complete accounting of the resources consumed to purchase an NFT is impossible, Switch4Good has made every effort to ensure its NFTs will have the smallest possible footprint and pay the biggest possible dividends for animals and the planet. Its NFT transactions use the cryptocurrency Ethereum, which is less energy-intensive than the competing currency Bitcoin. Ethereum is also in a phased process of shifting to a form of production called proof of stake, which it claims will use 99% less energy than current mining systems.

Making the switch from animal foods to plant-based foods is the single largest impact any individual can have on their environmental footprint.

The artists, Switch4Good, and Indraloka will hold a virtual event June 30 at Gallery Lola, a Metaverse art gallery. The event will feature special pricing and gifts. More details will be announced.

For updates on Switch4Good NFTs, follow https://twitter.com/Switch4GoodNFT.


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