Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

NFT11 is pioneering the class of football management simulation video games in the GameFi space. NFT11 intends to develop a metaverse for all football lovers all in the world, bringing fantasy football to a new level. The NFT11 metaverse permits gamers to be actual football managers, handling every single element of their team, from training players, participating in transfers as well as tournaments, and even down to owning seats in NFT11 stadiums.

GameFi is among the most popular innovations in the crypto space, and games are essentially powering virtual economies. According to data on CoinMarketCap, the top three GameFi projects, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and The Sandbox have captured a market value of 8.2 billion, 5 billion, and 1.5 billion respectively and CoinMarketCap’s list of all top gaming tokens have a market capitalisation of around 25.5 billion.

With its operations beginning on 8th August 2021, NFT11 captured the attention of a major investor, AI SPORT Technology, which staked an initial US$400,000 and stock options in NFT11. Along with advisors from Finext Eastern Bank Corporation and Savage Digital Assets Management, NFT11 has the expertise and financial backing to become a leader in the GameFi industry. CEO of NFT11, Mr. Andrew Ling Commented

“In my years of experience navigating the world of finance, GameFi has truly stood out as an emerging and exciting market. The team and I are confident that the future of both the gaming and finance industries are about to enter a paradigm shift and the NFT11 Metaverse is ready to take its spot as a pioneer and leader in the space.”

Following that, NFT11 launched its first successful IFO (Initial Farm Offerings) in August, securing a total of US$1.8m, with its native NFT11 tokens distributed amongst 4,539 keen investors. Shortly after, the Legend Player sales began in September and is being sold in batches till today. Legend players are the first class of players in the game that are being sold. With an average sell out of 3 mins for every batch, the support from the community is overwhelming to say the least.

Now NFT11 has embarked on its public presales of 2 million NFT11 tokens priced at $1.65 BUSD each, which began on the 22nd of October 2021. Eager investors have been keeping an eye out for NFT11 as even before marketing efforts were launched, US$800,000 worth of tokens were swiped up within the first two days of the sales.

NFT11 aims to be the most successful, fun, and addictive football manager game on the blockchain! An enterprise that rewards its players, a team that cares and listens to its community, and most of all, the blockchain game building its metaverse that will dominate the GameFi space!


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  1. Wow, 3 minutes sell out. This is incredible! I just find all this crypto stuff amazing. I am interested in learning more about these football games. It is surprising to me in a way how much these are gaining in terms of how much market value they have.

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