YouHodler Turbo Loans: Multiply Your Crypto Portfolio in a Bear Market

By posted on November 25, 2019 10:05AM
YouHodler Turbo Loans: Multiply Your Crypto Portfolio in a Bear Market

YouHodler’s “Turbo Loan” feature lets users take a “chain of loans” in one click to help multiply their crypto portfolio. So in a bear market like this, see how you can “Turbocharge” your crypto up to ten times, while also lowering interest fees, eliminating fees on crypto purchases and creating a better way to earn crypto.

Earn crypto: How “Turbo Loans” work

Earn crypto: How “Turbo Loans” work

YouHodler’s Turbo Loans lets users get a “chain of loans” in one click and with low fees. Once a user clicks the “Turbocharge crypto” button, YouHodler automatically takes the fiat from the first loan to buy more crypto with no conversion fees (limited time offer). This crypto is used as collateral for the next loan in the chain.

Interest fees for each additional loan in the chain decrease by 0.1%, making it a more lucrative opportunity for profits. Again, as a limited offer, YouHodler eliminates the fee when buying crypto when a user chooses Turbo Loan. Users can customize how many loans they want to have in their own chain (minimum of three loans and a maximum of ten loans allowed).

Use cases for Turbo Loans: Earn crypto for less money

Turbo Loans’ main benefit is to help clients earn crypto without spending and freezing additional funds. One could liken this feature to options, futures contracts or a similar venture. Using a bullish example, where the market grows 30%, a user could implement Turbo Loans to get crypto at a discounted rate of 30% (excluding LTV and interest from YouHodler).

In other words, starting with just 1 BTC, one could “Turbocharge” this amount to more than 4 BTC in just a few clicks. With a 30% market price growth after repayment of the “turbo loans” final profit could amount to 44%.
Looking at the current daily price movements, 30% is not only a realistic figure, but it’s also easy to imagine that number going higher in the months to come.

Users should be aware there is a risk in this sort of methodology as it requires one to predict the market growth. In the case of the market growing 20, 30 or 50+ %, the customer will get a “turbocharged” amount resulting in a significant profit.

Introducing a new way to work with the crypto market

Turbo Loan is YouHodler’s most efficient feature for users that want to leverage their crypto and grow their portfolio with minimal effort. Due to the automated nature of Turbo Loans, users simply press a button as opposed to the time consuming manual process of chain loans before.

YouHodler’s Turbo Loan feature is officially available to use today. To get started on your chain of loans, visit

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