Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

David Chaum Announces the xx coin, Supporting Decentralized Messaging, Payments and dApps on the xx network. The xx coin, to be widely distributed among the xx collective global community, will incentivize xx network nodes running Praxxis digital currency and Elixxir privacy-protecting software.

Cryptography pioneer David Chaum today announced the xx coin, a digital currency that will support decentralized messaging, payments, and dApps on the xx network. xx coin technical details and plans for distribution will be revealed next week at a commemorative event at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, the home of Chaum’s original crypto research group in Amsterdam.

“The xx coin and xx network will serve smartphone users and dApp developers by harnessing both the metadata-shredding anonymity and privacy of Elixxir and the security, speed and scalability of Praxxis,” said Chaum. “By successfully bringing the projects together, the xx network resolves the tension between speed/scale and privacy/security.”

Early supporters (but not US persons) who download the xx collective smartphone app prior to the release of the xx network whitepaper will be eligible for certain benefits entitling them to greater participation in the xx network. Details for eligible participants can be found at

The xx network was designed in response to growing public concern for user privacy as well as the emerging threat of quantum computing. The Elixxir cMix network layer provides groundbreaking privacy and security by shredding user metadata. Praxxis provides a denominated coin structure that breaks payments into individual coins to provide privacy, and distinctive hash-based cryptography, which is secure against attacks from current nation-state adversaries and future quantum computers.

The staged launch of the xx network has begun. The xx network public alpha currently supports the xx messenger, an Elixxir dApp that provides unprecedented user privacy by preventing observers from collecting metadata. The xx network beta, scheduled for release in early 2020, will provide deeper integration between Elixxir and Praxxis and run on 600 independent nodes that were selected earlier this year.

“For all of us to feel comfortable online with the more important and sometimes sensitive parts of our lives, we need money with financial privacy and security to conduct our affairs,” said William Carter, COO of Praxxis. “And to support users worldwide we need low-latency, high-speed performance at scale. The xx coin provides a way for Praxxis and Elixxir software to achieve these goals running on the decentralized xx network. Next step is beta!”

To access more information on xx coin distribution and the xx network, and to use the xx messenger, download the xx collective smartphone app at


6 thoughts on “David Chaum Announces the xx coin!🚨”
  1. The XX coin should be something special, considering it’s David’s creation. I hope it can battle the big guys in the market. We do need a new, powerful coin that’s for sure. I wonder why those benefits are not available to US citizens. I think everyone should get some sort of benefit if they invest now, no matter their country of origin.

    1. Hi Clyde

      Thank you for your comment. Yes I agree totally, David Chaum has the power to fight the big coins as he es already a very well known legend and currently successfull building the xx community. It will be a great day to see the results, starting at January 7th when the first xx coins are distributed / sold

  2. This is exciting news. Congrats to David on this! Hopefully this is quite successful for him.

    How many have they released so far? I would not mind getting my hands on one myself.

  3. This is wonderful to hear. I am sure that David worked hard on this. Always nice to hear about success for others!

    Where are they releasing them at? How hard is it to obtain one?

  4. Has anyone obtained one yet? I have not heard anything about this until just now. But I think that David is a genius and I would be interested in finding out more about how I can get my hands on one.

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