Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

JPB Liberty is an Australian litigation funding company set up by Israelis which has prepared a global class action lawsuit by members of the #cryptocurrency industry and holders of cryptocurrency against Facebook, Google and Twitter for breach of the anti-cartel provisions of Australia’s Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (“Act”).

We’ve formed an Australian company from our home in High Tec Israel because Australian laws are more suited to prosecuting this kind of anti-competitive cartel, where huge monopoly companies get together and act to squash and destroy the little guy “, a spokesman for JPB Liberty told TR.NEWS.

Facebook, Google & Twitter have been sent legal letters putting them on notice about this claim for damages exceeding $500 billion, comprising over $350 billion in investor losses from market drops, over $150 billion in cryptocurrency exchange revenue losses and untold billions of cryptocurrency project losses.


4 thoughts on “Israelis to Sue Facebook for $500B in Australia over Crypto Ads Ban”
  1. Google, Facebook and Twitter, the deeply corrupt triad. Ban on crypto ads, ban on political ads, let’s go back to the good ol’ communist times, shall we? I’m very curious how this will unfold, right now I can’t find any updates.

  2. Australia is a good choice for these kind of lawsuits. They’ve proven again and again that they are fair and if you build a good case, you will win. It might not be $500billion which is a huge amount, but you will win something. Looking forward to see what happens.

  3. You should be ready for years of battles in the courtroom. Don’t give up, don’t give in! Don’t let them get away with a settlement, if possible. They need to lose a big trial like this one so they can start cleaning up their activities. Plus, they need to pay for the mistakes they made and are making.

  4. It is sickening in my book when a large company tries to squash the dreams of the little person. Why someone feels the need to do that when they are succeeding and one single person is starting is beyond me!

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