Fri. May 24th, 2024

The ICO process has been a pain for too long. The Liquid ICO platform provides investors and token issuers with a simple and seamless experience.

Soft cap

The soft cap feature gives our users another layer of security. If an ICO does not raise enough funds to hit the soft cap that has been set, all investors will be fully refunded.

Private sale lockup

With the private sale lockup period, token issuers can set the duration of the token lock-up so that private sale investors cannot simply sell their tokens with an unfair advantage over retail investors after secondary listing.

USD payment

We now offer USD as a payment method for ICOs on Liquid. Not everyone wants to spend their crypto holdings on ICOs, so now you don’t have to. You can fund your Liquid account with USD and use it to invest in our ICOs.

USD settlement

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have implemented USD settlement so that token issuers can have full flexibility of the funds they receive after the completion of their token sale.

Financial mismanagement is a common occurrence with crypto startups and we hope to eliminate this by giving token issuers the freedom they need to keep moving forwards.

The next upgrade will see the implementation of an additional discount for token buyers paying with QASH, the native token of the Liquid platform.

Unlock the potential of Liquid

The Liquid exchange is designed to provide users with highly liquid markets, coupled with a suite of intuitive trading tools. Liquid offers multiple fiat funding options along with the ability to trade on margin or even lend your holdings to earn daily interest.

Liquid currently offers up to 25x leverage and margin trading with true fiat pairs. Margin trading is an advanced feature of Liquid and if you’re new to margin, we strongly advise you take some time to learn the craft.

Here is a quick lesson

In margin trading, you are either going long, or going short. Going long is essentially placing a bet on the price of an asset increasing, whereas placing a short is betting that the price will decrease. If you are going long, you are borrowing funds to increase your buying power. Going short is slightly different; going short is borrowing an asset, which you immediately sell. Once the asset is sold, you hope to buy back an equivalent amount of that asset at a lower price to return to the lender, and keep the remaining difference as profit.


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