Eligma, an AI-based e-commerce platform aiming to bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain advantages into the shopping mainstream, launches its token presale

By posted on March 26, 2018 10:52AM
Eligma ICO

Eligma, an AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform that is about to revolutionize the shopping experience by introducing the use of cryptocurrencies and the advantages of blockchain technology into general consumer practice, will open its token presale on March 20. On April 17, this will be followed by the crowdsale with a hard cap of 24 million U.S. dollars. To attract supporters, users and potential contributors, Eligma’s campaign has already showcased its EliPay cryptocurrency transaction system, with more novelties to be presented.

Last week saw a successful introduction of Bitcoin City, Eligma’s project in partnership with BTC d.d., a company running the renowned shopping, business and entertainment centre BTC City Ljubljana, Slovenia. BTC City, which hosts about 4,000 companies and 21 million yearly visitors, will function as a testing lab for Eligma’s transaction and other innovations. The EliPay system, which enables transactions in cryptocurrencies, will be launched at selected BTC stores on April 15. The letters of intent have already been signed with the Big Bang tech and white goods store, the Dulcis Gourmet restaurant, the Atlantis water park complex, the Bijoux modni dodatki accessory store and the Sportina urban fashion shop.

The EliPay system aims to enhance the current BTC City shopping experience – in the convenient form of a mobile phone app. The shopping itself will be the same as before, consisting of the customer visiting the stores in person, browsing through their products and selecting the desired goods for purchase. At the cash register, they will be asked if they wish to make a cryptocurrency transaction. If that is the case, the sum will be converted into cryptocurrencies and a QR-code generated. The customer will then scan the QR-code, confirm the store transaction on the app and the funds will be transferred to the store’s account from the user’s crypto wallet, run on the Eligma platform. On the basis of the BTC City ecosystem, consisting of a wide variety of commercial establishments, Eligma plans on generating enough data to perfect its platform for a launch in the worldwide commerce arena.

Other advantages of the Eligma platform will include features aimed at transforming the discovery, inventory and loyalty aspects of online shopping. Through Eligma’s single log-in, online buyers will be able to access online stores anywhere in the world, with the best deal proposed by Eligma on the basis of the search criteria entered by the user. All your online purchases will be entered into your own personal online inventory, with the Eligma system proposing the best time to sell an item and automatically generating a listing to that effect on multiple online sites, thus contributing to more effective used goods circulation. In this way, the need to register at different online sites in order to compare prices or try to find a buyer for your goods will no longer be necessary.

Eligma’s advantages are not only being presented online but also in a series of worldwide pitches and presentations. The presentation by Eligma CEO and founder Dejan Roljic at the Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit in Dubai was met with considerable interest and enthusiasm. At this opportunity, Roljic stated: “The whole Eligma team and our renowned advisors are working very hard to bring the advantages of Eligma closer to the general public. This is why I am very excited and honoured to be able to announce the launch of our presale. It is only with the help of our supporters and contributors that Eligma’s transformation of commerce can begin.” Over the next two weeks, the Eligma platform will also be presented at similar events in Hong Kong, Berlin, Zurich, Paris and Kazan. The Eligma start-up will also collect contributions in a crowdsale, starting on 17 April and aiming for a hard cap of 24 million U.S. dollars.

To learn more about the AI-driven blockchain-based platform that is about to transform the online and offline shopping experience, visit www.eligma.io.

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